CETLS: Faculty Writing Fellows Spring 2024

Interested in teaching writing in your discipline? Need support with connecting your content and pedagogy to best practices in writing? In this semester-long series, faculty will meet once a month as a group to discuss a wide range of writing pedagogy topics, such as peer review, instructor feedback, prompts, and assignment sequencing. Faculty will also meet with Dr. Jenny Krichevsky, a faculty member in the Literature, Writing, and Journalism Department, to get individual support.

Registration Details

Full-time or part-time faculty members teaching a course that includes at least one substantial writing assignment or a series of shorter writing assignments are eligible. Fellows receive financial compensation equal to a one-credit course overload.

Please register here: https://forms.gle/yZbYoGTJvdjbun4UA

Meeting times and topics:

February 1 12:15-1:30: Introductions & Goal-Setting

March 7th 12:15-1:30: Peer Review & Instructor Feedback

April 4th 12:15-1:30: Assignment Prompts

April 25th 12:15-1:30: Sequencing Assignments

May 6th 12:15-1:30: Outros & Reflection

Each session will consist of theoretical framing, workshopping course materials, and group discussions of how theory can meet practice.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jenny Krichevsky (ekrichevsky@springfieldcollege.edu), or Chris Hakala, Director of CETLS (cetls@springfieldcollege.edu).

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